fostering groundbreaking science.

It takes scientists 4 months
to find a research job in biotech

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Lack of

On what options
are available

Lengthy job
search process

To find a job that fits
your specific expertise

about job fit

Due to lack of clarity
on job requirements

Job Seeker has the solution.

The job matching platform for scientists by scientists.
We match you to jobs in biotech companies that fit your exact skills.

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Skill-based matching

We match job candidates to positions based on skills. Then you make the decision to apply to the positions that suit you best.

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Your skills will do all the talking. Our gender- and race-blind matching algorithms remove bias from candidate evaluation.

Saves time and stress

Simplify your job search. No more hours of browsing and applying for jobs that aren’t a fit for your skills.

For scientists, by scientists

Our founders are scientists who built Scismic to empower scientists to take charge of their careers.

Powerful career- boosting tools

We keep you updated on the current trends and opportunities in the biotech ecosphere.

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Most specialized job platform for the life sciences

We are tailored for the biotech industry, so we can create the most powerful matches.

Complete your profile and match to your next job!

What else is on Scismic?

Our three features connect you to others in the biomedical field for a stronger career,
wider network, and more job opportunities.

Lab Seeker


The job matching platform for scientist, by scientists.

Lab Seeker


Browse peer ratings to find academic labs that fit your priorities and training needs.

Happy Birthday Scismic Job Seeker!

Happy Birthday Scismic Job Seeker!

One year ago yesterday, we released Scismic Job Seeker. Last night, we celebrated Job Seeker's first birthday with the attendees at our CV workshop! Thank you to all the companies and candidates who e...

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