Scientist, Chemistry (Chemical Biology)

Full Time

Waltham, Massachusetts, United States

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Job description

Scismic is supporting the growth of a biotech company in Waltham, MA!

We are seeking a chemical biologist to join our fast-paced multidisciplinary RNA-targeted small molecule (rSM) drug discovery team. This key hire will enjoy a collaborative multidisciplinary start-up environment with integrity and innovation being central to our culture and mission. The ideal candidate would have a strong synthetic background to enable the rapid synthesis of chemical biology probes and tool compounds, as well as experience with target identification and target engagement methodologies. This is an opportunity to contribute to a cutting-edge drug discovery platform and fulfill a vital high impact function in our fast-growing company.


  • Routine design and synthesis of chemical biology probes and related compounds, including supervising the synthesis of key intermediates and building blocks at external CROs
  • Design and execution of experiments aimed at identifying the cellular targets of our company's rSMs, such as photoaffinity labeling, RNA structure probing, affinity-isolation, mass spectrometry, and/or proteomic/sequencing workflows.
  • Work collaboratively with internal drug discovery project teams to identify promising rSMs to pursue under the target engagement team; work within the target engagement team to triage experiments to best align with our company’s overall research goals
  • Foster a positive and collaborative work environment across research functions.
  • Contribute to company's scientific publications and patent applications


  • PhD in Organic Chemistry or Chemical Biology, with postdoctoral or industry experience preferred
  • Experience designing and executing multistep synthetic routes to deliver small molecules and probes for testing in biological and chemical biological assays
  • Experience designing and executing experiments aimed at identifying biological targets of small molecules using a range of methodologies
  • Experience with basic mammalian cell culture techniques, including routine maintenance of cell lines, lysate preparation, imaging, etc.
  • Flexibility to perform wet lab work in either chemistry or biology to accommodate changes in project priorities and/or scientific direction.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of advances in synthetic chemistry and chemical biology
  • Fluency in working within a multi-disciplinary team to devise experiments that illuminate critical problems

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