Scientific Outreach Associate

Full Time

Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (This job can be hybrid)

Job description

Scismic is a Cambridge-based startup run by scientists who are dedicated to propelling scientific innovation. We do this by helping the life science industries (Biotech, HealthTech, MedTech, AgTech, etc) quickly and affordably put the best scientists in jobs that need their skills to push technologies towards commercialization. We are backed by investors who are similarly committed to the STEM ecosystem. Our investors are owned by the same company as Nature Publishing.

We are looking for a Bachelor's holder with work experience or a Master's level science or engineering student/graduate to help with scaling our business model. The individual must have some lab experience. The successful candidate will be based in KL.

The next 3 to 6 months:- You will primarily work within the Customer Success Team. This team works with Scismic's clients (Biotech startups, Life Science consulting firms, Life Science vendors, AgTech startups, pharma, etc) to ensure there are consistent streams of strong Scismic applicants for their open roles. Your primary responsibilities will include:

• Helping clients identify critical skills required for their roles
• Helping to curate applicants that come through Scismic (and other job boards)
• Interfacing with scientists who are looking for jobs (through emails, texts, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms) - helping them with their Scismic profile and resume/CV
• Reporting to the head of Customer Success and helping to meet weekly target numbers
• Being a critical member in helping to improve and automate the building and
functioning of the candidate pipeline

The 3/6 months after that, and beyond:- We are a fast growing team. This means that each team member does a variety of activities on a daily basis. No one is ever bored in the office! Depending on your interests, there are many opportunities for you to diversify your role description. This can include:

• Attracting scientists to the platform (Marketing & User Acquisition) - this involves you (a scientist) speaking to other scientists about our offerings
• Telling Life Science companies about our novel technology and how we can help ease their frustrations with growing their teams and handling R&D (Sales & Marketing)
• Helping to develop education programming/events (User Acquisition) - this involves you helping to run webinars/workshops that provide scientists with resources/information for career development
• Ecosystem (Partnerships & Innovations) - this involves you finding and establishing critical partnerships with funding agencies, academic institutions, companies etc
• Grant writing (Partnerships & Innovations) - this involves you identifying the right grants and helping the team with grant preparation and submission

Job Type: Full-time

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