Senior / Software Engineer Lead

Full Time

Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Job description

SCISMIC provides career development resources and services for the STEM community. We are a very fast growing startup led by a team of solutions-driven experts with a collective mission of propelling innovation in STEM. Our aim is to help bring more life-changing products to the market. How? Well we build solutions to help the right scientists/engineers reach the companies that need them. We value diversity and strive to create inclusive practices, both for our clients and at Scismic itself.

We are seeking a senior software engineer looking to grow into a tech lead role OR a lead software engineer looking to join a startup where they can make meaningful contributions and have an impact on  the growth of the tech team. 

Title and compensation will be commensurate based on experience. 



You must be someone who is forward thinking and ambitious with good communication skills. You will be responsible for leading the engineering (tech & data analytics) team to achieve company goals. Most importantly, you must be user centric and care about building great user experiences. 



  1. Be proactive about enhancing/simplifying the user experience while seeking out technology that will help automate user onboarding and client management
  2. Advise and provide technical perspective to the management team to aid in decision making and innovation
  3. Create technical goals for your team
  4. Work closely with the Product Manager to achieve product goals
  5. Solve engineering issues (like scalability, technical debt, security) and help your team through technical challenges
  6. Break down requirements into deliverables and assign tasks to engineers
  7. Implement engineering processes like scrum, code reviews, CI/CD etc
  8. Implement, improve, and increase observability of production systems - metrics, logs and traces
  9. Bake in test driven development (TDD) into the engineering processes.


  • At least 5 years of software engineering experience
  • 2 years of team management experience
  • Has exposure to data science or data analytics
  • Knowledge in cloud infrastructure like AWS or GCP
  • Experience in implementing microservices
  • Practice test driven development (TDD) and good testing practices
  • Experience in PHP and JavaScript frameworks or expertise in other languages and the willingness to learn our stack.
  • Practice good web app security (OWASP)


  • Degree in computer science, IT or similar
  • Experience in Laravel
  • Experience conducting team performance reviews

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