Sr. Scientist - Therapeutics Platform

Full Time

South San Francisco, California, United States (This job is on-site)

Sponsors work visa for candidates.

Job description

Scismic is supporting the growth of a biotech startup in South San Francisco!

We are seeking a Senior Scientist - Therapeutics Platform to join as a pivotal member of our phage engineering team. This is a critical role in developing the next generation of bio-therapeutic tools to tackle the antibiotic resistance epidemic that is the top growing threat to humanity. This position reports directly to the Director of Biology and will be expected to contribute immediately to our engineering efforts which focus on optimizing phage as general tools to manage bacterial infections.


  • Developing a state of the art phage editing and characterization platform
  • Leverage platform outputs to design and build therapeutic phages
  • Designing and executing advanced NGS based fitness assays
  • Interacting with a computational team to share experimental data and improve workflows.
  • Mentoring and leading a team of scientists, strategically planning and designing projects, assigning tasks, and ensuring delivery of goals on time.
  • Creating polished presentation materials, leading client meetings, and presenting research findings
  • Working with diverse pathogenic organisms: Pseudomonas, NTM, Staph, Klebsiella, etc.


  • An advanced degree focused on bacterial or phage genetics and library or screening based fitness assays.
  • At least 3 years of relevant industry lab experience within microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, virology, or synthetic biology.
  • 3 years experience with large scale forward, reverse, and/or chemical genetic approaches
  • Experience with bacterial strain engineering, CRISPR, High-throughput screens (HTS), assay development
  • Proven success as a scientific team leader
  • Published some exciting research papers as a first author
  • You are an effective communicator and planner
  • US citizenship, visa or green card

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