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Unfilled positions cost the biopharmaceutical
industry $1 billion annually.

Current recruitment processes are costly, lengthy, and frustrating -
for both your company and the candidates.


Up to
35 hours

Spent on screening resumes
for 1 scientist role

Money bag with dollar


Spent on recruiting for
1 scientist role


35% of

Report misaligned expectations
between hiring managers and
recruitment teams.

Scismic Job Seeker connects
jobs to job seekers.

We find you qualified, motivated scientists for your R&D team using a gender- and race-blind
matching algorithm that identifies candidates with the perfect skills.


Save time and work efficiently

We pre-screen and rank qualified candidates for you to choose from. You only get the best!

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Lower costs

We match you to qualified scientists who already want to work for you, so your resources are used wisely and efficiently.

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priority-based candidate ranking

Our algorithm differentiates between your priority and preferred skills.

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less stress, more cooperation

Get on the same page with our collaboration tools for recruiters and hiring managers.

We value diversity

60% of biopharma companies do not have formal diversity initiatives. We are ready to change that.

Scismic can be a powerful part in formalizing a diversity program, or be the first step in creating yours. In addition to our gender- and race-blind algorithm, we are adding more features to promote diversity and inclusion in hiring!

We value diversity

Find the perfect candidate now!

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