Animal Caretaker

Part Time

Germantown, Maryland, United States (This job is on-site)

Job description

Scismic is supporting the growth of the biotech company in Germantown, Maryland!

We are seeking candidates to fill the newly created position of Laboratory Animal Caretaker. The well-qualified candidate will provide animal husbandry and sanitation, following standard operating procedures for rodent species, maintains cleanliness of animal and ancillary rooms, observes animal room environment and receives incoming shipments of animals. 

The caretaker maintains per diem inventory of animals, assists in administration of prescribed health treatment, restrains animals and monitors cleaning supplies and supplies used in conjunction with animals, animal rooms, cages and cage equipment.

Requirements & Responsibilities

  • Consistently demonstrates adherence to the standards for the responsible conduct of research.
  • Plans to conduct and manage research projects within federal and institutional regulations and policies under the direction of the principal investigator.
  • Maintains confidentiality of data as required.
  • Meets all annual job-related training and compliance requirements.
  • Observes animals daily for signs of health; receives, examines, transfers, and properly houses incoming animal shipments according to SOPs.
  • Provides adequate food and water for all assigned cages.
  • Maintains daily and weekly sanitation of cages, assigned rooms, and common areas.
  • Notifies manager of animal room temperature and humidity fluctuations.
  • Completes animal room sheets, sanitation logs for common areas, and animal health reports.
  • Records accurate dates of birth, deaths, and euthanasia requests.
  • Collects diagnostic specimens following a detailed schedule (i.e., pelt, anal, fecal, and swabs).
  • Participates in animal handling and manipulation training when offered.
  • Performs euthanasia procedures as requested.
  • The physical demands of this position require a healthy individual with dexterity required for handling small animals i.e. mice, and rats and the ability to lift up to 50lbs.
  • Ability to work flexible hours, coordinating with other caretakers.
  • Ability to work on some weekends and holidays, coordinating with other caretakers.
  • The workplace is an animal research facility and there is potential exposure to zoonotic diseases as well as possibilities of being bitten, scratched by animals.
  • Allergic responses may develop to animal dander and animal procedures may sometimes involve exposure to anesthetic gases, radiation and chemicals used to sanitize instruments and room surfaces.

Education & Experience

  • Minimum Education: High School Diploma (Required)
  • Working experience in a laboratory animal science setting
  • Evidence of specialized experience, which demonstrates possession of the knowledge, skills, and ability to perform the duties of this position (must be supported by a detailed description of experience on a resume).
  • Knowledge of anatomy and physiology of all common laboratory animals, preferred.
  • Ability to recognize common signs of illness, variations in eating habits, abnormal stool, and urine deposits, and unusual behavior.
  • Knowledge of laws and regulations affecting the use of animals in biomedical research, preferred.
  • Knowledge of sanitation, sterilization, and biohazard control techniques.

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