Service/Software Link Purpose User information it has access to
Mailgun Email delivery service used for automated emails Name, Email
Imgix Image CDN (to make content available everywhere) makes loading of images faster Profile Image
Lever Job seeker progress tracking and outreach Name, Email, Resume, Users profile info, Applications
Hubspot Record interest from prospective customers Name, Email
Sovren Resume parsing to increase ease of profile completion for job seeker Resume, which includes users info
Forge Backup server for live site No access to user info. We just use their server
Mailchimp Email marketing Name, email
Sentry Bug reporting None
Github Project version control None
Laravel Nova Framework for admin dashboard None
Google Suite Facilitate collaboration and provide users with the best service possible. None
Google Tag Manager (for Google Analytics, fb pixel, LinkedIn pixel, Twitter tag) Tracking None
Slack Communication None
Cloudflare For domain management only None
Docker Prepare the server None
Redis Service on the server None
UptimeRobot Monitors site status None
Amazon Web Services Manage the server None
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