COVID-19 Vaccine Status Chart

Do you wake up every morning and wonder how much longer our COVID-19-induced zombie-less apocalyptic lifestyles will last? Many of our scientists are very curious about the vaccines that are being developed, so we put together the developmental pipeline as it stands today to share with you.

There are over 150 vaccine candidates that span the preclinical to Phase III stages of development. For most of us in the drug development industry, the speed of which these candidates are passing through these regulatory stages is unprecedented! The current leading candidates are Moderna's mRNA vaccine, CanSino's non-replicating viral vector vaccine, and Sinovec's inactivated virus vaccine.

Interestingly, inactivated virus vaccines, mRNA vaccines, protein subunit vaccines, and DNA-based vaccines are moving fastest through the pipeline. At best, we could see a vaccine in early 2021, though efficacy is yet to be determined. If everything goes right, we'll be comfortably back in our offices and restaurants in mid-2021.

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